Banking & Finance

Our philosophy in practice in this area of the law is simple.

  • Risk
  • Efficiency
  • Understanding
  • Cost effectiveness

At Macquarie Lawyers, we have the team and the experience to deal with all loan transactions whether it be for a borrower or a lender or whether it be a personal or housing loan, or a complex multi-million dollar commercial or construction loan.

Our aim is to minimise the time for each transaction and, more importantly, the risk to the client.

Professional and efficient turnaround of mortgage documentation is fundamental. We have incorporated an efficient system of document generation to ensure any securities matter is dealt with in a timely manner.

It is fundamental to the provisions of our banking and finance service that you, the client, will always have access to the supervising partner in the matter. We do not compromise on this. Understanding your business and your requirements in an essential part of our service to you.

We also pride ourselves on our flexibility in adapting our legal service to cater for your specific business requirements, and more importantly to any changes in the environment in which you operate, legally or otherwise.

Cost effectiveness is at the forefront of the legal service we offer. The systems we have in place allow for the efficient preparation and finalisation of any loan transaction, whether it be a personal, housing or commercial/construction loan. We are also flexible and practical enough to realise that sometimes our clients may need to deal with things in a particular way and at a particular cost. We give you every assurance that we are commercially orientated and pragmatic enough to cater for these situations.

Experienced, committed, practical and approachable. It is a business philosophy you can bank on!