• HBCF Construction Classification Updates
    icare have updated what constitutes structural and non-structural work for the purposes of providing cover under the Home Building Compensation Fund. Work is deemed structural if it involves a component that is essential to the stability of a building, or that is classified as a “major element” of the building under the Home Building Regulation … Continue reading “HBCF Construction Classification Updates”
  • Make Your New Years Resolution to Update Your Will
    Anyone who’s written or pondered their will has probably reflected on how important it can be to those we leave behind. But, while we’re still around, our lives and circumstances are always changing. When was the last time you considered updating your will? Is what you wrote back then still applicable to your situation now? … Continue reading “Make Your New Years Resolution to Update Your Will”
  • Building Contractors Beware!
    Are you making valid payment claims? For your tax invoice to be valid as a payment claim, it must: Indicate the amount of the progress payment you are claiming, Identify and sufficiently describe the construction work (or related goods/services) to which the payment relates, Be served to the other party to the contract, (for contracts … Continue reading “Building Contractors Beware!”
  • Beware Email Fraud!
    Scammers are increasingly targeting law practices, posing as clients or beneficiaries via email to divert payment of funds away from you. This is why we will always confirm account details over the phone before any fund transfer is processed. This is the best defence against this type of scam. On top of this, we also … Continue reading “Beware Email Fraud!”
  • Trustees, Be Aware!
    If your trust doesn’t expressly exclude foreign persons as potential beneficiaries, you will be forced to pay surcharge duty and land taxes applicable to foreign purchasers, even if it does not name any actual foreign persons as beneficiaries. The transition period for amending the terms of your trust deed to exclude foreign persons expires at … Continue reading “Trustees, Be Aware!”